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Subaru of Las Vegas Assurance Package

While you get amazing pricing on all new Subaru cars and SUVs sold at Subaru of Las Vegas, you also receive a selection of pre-installed products. Our Assurance Package also includes maintenance services to make car ownership less stressful.

Logo: Pulse Safer Braking Technology 
Pulse is the rear-end collision deterrent that helps to protect you and your family whenever you are on the road. By pulsing the third brake light on your vehicle whenever the brake pedal is pressed, drivers behind you get an additional eye-catching notification you are slowing down. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration performed a study in 2009 that concluded 90% of rear end collisions could have been avoided if the trailing vehicle had just one extra second of warning.

An investment in this safe braking technology can help prevent you from being a part of the 40% of drivers involved in rear-end collisions. Pulse gives you a chance to avoid accidents, save money and injury to you and your family.

Logo: 3M Scotchguard 
3M's Paint Protection Film has been applied to door edges and inside the door handle 'cups'. These areas are the most likely to be the recipients of normal wear and tear scratches, chips and abrasions. By applying this protective film, your car's resale value & aesthetic beauty are protected.

The computer cut film kits are computer cut, to be certain they fit your car perfectly. Another benefit is there are no extra steps needed to care for the film! Wash & wax your car as normal.

Bright, harsh sun shine wreaks havoc on eyes, and interior surfaces, while heating up your car's cabin. Pre-installed window tint, offered by Subaru of Las Vegas, takes one step out of your new car purchase. By adding Nevada legal 35% window tint to your new Subaru, not only do you get reduced glare, cooler cabin temperatures, you also get added safety and security. Tinted glass stays affixed (for the most part) to window tint in the event of an impact. Darker windows also make it more difficult for passersby to easily see in your vehicle, reducing the temptation a bag, new DVD player or stereo may be for thieves.

For the first 24 months or 24,000 miles, you do not have to worry about paying for factory recommended maintenance for your new Subaru! This includes the initial 3,000 mile oil change, and subsequent oil changes at the 3,750 or 7,500 mile intervals dictated by Subaru of America for your vehicle. Tire rotation services are also included every other oil change. The 15,000 mile intermediate service, as recommended by Subaru of America is covered by the Carefree Maintenance Package as well.

For as long as you own your new Subaru, Subaru of Las Vegas will take care of your oil and oil filter changes! This offer is limited to Subaru oil products and is only valid at Subaru of Las Vegas. Our Lifetime Oil Change package is not transferable, in the unlikely event you decide to let your Subaru leave your family.

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